Departmental Bulletin Paper 高齢者の暮らしぶりと日常生活動作及び体力との関連 : 中山間地域と都市部の比較

中村, 敦子  ,  箕越, 功浩  ,  人見, 英里  ,  中村, 文哉  ,  吉村, 耕一  ,  田中, マキ子

9pp.95 - 104 , 2016-03-31 , 山口県立大学
The purpose of this study was to investigate the associations of daily lifestyle with activities of daily living(ADL) and physical fitness by comparing elderly people living in a mountainous area with those in an urban area. The subjects were 19 volunteers living in Zomeki district, a mountainous area, and 20 volunteers in Yuda district, an urban area, in Yamaguchi City. All participants were aged 65 years and older. After data on lifestyle and ADL were obtained by questionnaire, physical fitness was assessed by the new physical fitness test of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Although there was no difference between the two districts in overall points of ADL, the participants in Yuda got better scores in activity of stair climbing. There was also no difference between the two districts in overall points of the new physical fitness test. However, the participants in Zomeki tended to get better scores in forward bending at long sitting position. As a possible lifestyle that might affect these results, the participants in Yuda used to go up and down stairs and ride a bicycle more often than those in Zomeki. In addition, the participants in Zomeki used to walk on a slope and spend time outdoors more often than those in Yuda. These findings suggest that a characteristic lifestyle in each district may have a positive impact on subsets of ADL and physical fitness.

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