Departmental Bulletin Paper 接触場面での日本人韓国語学習者の呼称使用ストラテジーとそれに対する韓国人母語話者の容認性判断

林, 炫情

9pp.17 - 29 , 2016-03-31 , 山口県立大学
This research investigates the strategy of address-terms used by Japanese Korean-language-learners in contact situations, and how Korean native speakers accept those usages. 1)The investigation of the usage of addressterms by Japanese Korean-language-learners found out that in the contact situations with non-native speakers, not only native norms transfer and deviation of norms were seen, but also learners tend to use the addressterms too much in order to show the politeness. 2)Korean native speakers accept the native norms transfer, deviation of norms and over usage after judging the appropriateness by standardizing own native norms. In addition, 3)Korean native speakers tend to be generous overall about the overuse.

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