Departmental Bulletin Paper ICTを活用した多主体間の長寿文化共有のためのシステム構築

吉永, 敦征  ,  畔津, 忠博  ,  金, 恵媛

9pp.57 - 60 , 2016-03-31 , 山口県立大学
The main purpose of our research project is to construct an ICT system that enables us to understand and share the culture of elderly people. In this paper we focus on describing the importance of such a system and make an outline of it. The culture of elderly people can be revealed only if we can access a great amount of information about their life styles, customs and action. Stereotypival characterizations of elderly people, however, are made and held in our society. Doxa concerning elderly people are result from lack of information about them and such circumstances strengthen prejudice toward them. We presume that more information will resolve this situation and lessen prejudices in our society. Currently, elderly people are excluded from the ICT environment and only few of them make full use of ICT. It is difficult to access information about the elderly not only in our daily life but also on the Internet. As a result, elderly people and other members of our society are not in positions benefical for understanding each other, rather they are mutually excluded. To verify our hypothesis, we will collect stereotypical images of elderly people held by young people and perform an experiment to see how their images will change after accessing information abaut elderly people.

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