Departmental Bulletin Paper 患者の同意なく患者識別データを処理することの法的・倫理的検討 : 英国の状況を手がかりとして

増成, 直美

9pp.45 - 56 , 2016-03-31 , 山口県立大学
In the UK, people have the recognition that there are essential activities of the NHS, and important medical research, that require the use of identifiable patient information but it is not always practical to obtain consent. The Act of NHS section 251 established a legal basis for personal data to be disclosed for public health purposes without patient consent. The government aims to acquire and maintain the UK leadership position in medical research. In this paper, with reference to the British situation while adjusting the two conflicting interests protected by law, I have considered the secondary use of the personal medical information and Japanese legal environment.

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