Departmental Bulletin Paper 栄養学科実験科目の一授業で導入されたグループ学習とeラーニングの有効性と問題点

畔津, 忠博  ,  森山, 結香  ,  宇田川, 暢  ,  繁田, 真弓  ,  人見, 英里  ,  長坂, 祐二  ,  加藤, 元士

9pp.63 - 68 , 2016-03-31 , 山口県立大学
The pathological nutrition experiments based class, taught in the department of human nutrition is aimed for students to acquire a deep understanding about living bodies through experiments. In this class, group learning is introduced to improve the learning effectiveness. In addition, an e-learning system is used to share learning outcomes obtained through group learning with other students who do not belong to the group. This paper reports the effectiveness and problems of group learning and e-learning experienced in this class for the academic year 2014 based on the results of self-evaluation, peerevaluation, class evaluation and the amount of learning time.

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