Departmental Bulletin Paper 高校生の食の自立に向けた調理の実践につながる情報誌の作成

水津, 久美子  ,  安倍, 優香  ,  大工, 恵子

9pp.41 - 47 , 2016-03-31 , 山口県立大学
The establishment of cooking skills and habits among high school students takes practice at home beyond the in-school lessons. A way to connect the two is needed. This study explored the actual cooking skills of high school students by carrying out a review of a magazine which aims at improving those skills in practice. An anonymous, self-administered questionnaire was carried out with 157 male and 137 female second year high school students in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The content measured awareness of cooking, frequency of cooking, knowledge of cooking techniques, methods of cutting, and so on(13 topics). In addition, the evaluation of 12 topics was made after the distribution of the magazine in order to determine the value of the magazine. The results showed that 70% of students practice cooking at home only once or twice a month, or not at all. Knowledge of methods of cooking using heat or those without heat that are covered well in school classes was high. But the knowledge or skills in such methods as cutting was low. However, the information magazine that was aimed at novice cooks and included illustrations and easy-to-understand descriptions of ingredients, cooking methods and techniques was considered to be very helpful.

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