Departmental Bulletin Paper 発達障害早期支援システムにおける家族支援プログラムの検討 : 児童発達支援センターへのペアレント・メンター導入の試み

藤田, 久美  ,  岡村, 隆弘  ,  吉富, 徹

9pp.135 - 144 , 2016-03 , 山口県立大学
This objective of this study is to examine methods of implementing parent mentors, which are expected to become critical societal resources, in early intervention systems for developmental disorders. After considering the use of parent mentors in child development support centers, as part of Yamaguchi Prefecture’s parent mentor development effort in which the authors are involved, three model programs were proposed. Based on these model programs, five child development support centers in the prefecture were able to plan and operate group activities as a family support program. This suggests the possibility of strengthening family support functions as part of early intervention systems for developmental disorders by implementing parent mentors in child development support centers that provide public welfare services. Remaining areas to be researched are the impact of group activities, the identification of support needs of those being served, and the clarification of the impact of parent mentors. Going forward, it is hoped that research on those aspects will identify the ideal form of support with which families, who are directly involved in children’s development, can exert their full potential.

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