Departmental Bulletin Paper 定時制高校生への修学継続支援としての居場所づくりから学習支援への展開 : 個別支援から政策形成に至るコレクティブ・アプローチ実践

内田, 充範

9pp.47 - 58 , 2016-03 , 山口県立大学
The government has been collaborating with evening high schools, social welfare corporations, NPO corporations on a project to provide a place of belonging, study support to evening high school students, in order to facilitate their regular attendance. In this study, the state of implementation of the project was verified, as compared with the development process of the collective approach. Consequently, this support project was found to involve the implementation of a collective approach that develops individual support for evening high school students into policymaking, through community support accompanied by network building. In the modern society, where people face difficulties in obtaining help, a support project such as this is an effective approach and the network built through its development process is beneficial for growing into a network of homes and schools, public agencies, and social resources.

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