Departmental Bulletin Paper カンボジア シェムリアップ州における衛生環境調査
Investigation of hygienic environment at Siem Reap, Cambodia

野本,直樹  ,  大久保,努  ,  上村,繁樹

64pp.6 - 12 , 2018-03 , 宇部工業高等専門学校
We had investigated about hygienic environment concerning on waste management of people who lives on the water at Siem reap, Cambodia. The people who lives on the water, uses water from lake for daily life. At the same time, they also throw wastewater which includes toilet and raw garbage into the lake. However, the water quality of the lake, especially the organic matter concentration detected in the water seems similar to 15 years ago. Regarding waste, it has high ratio of raw garbage. As for valuable resource, informal recycle system seems to be developing. Despite the poor environment, there are still some waste picker spotted especially at the village garbage collection point because the job gives higher income than farmer.

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