Journal Article 会陰保護時における助産師の視線動態の特徴
Eye Movements in Midwives during Perineal Protection

土居,紀子  ,  津森,登志子

This study aimed to evaluate the delivery skills of midwives through gaze-tracking measurements and to determine whether delivery skills could be expressed using objective data. Using a gaze analysis device incorporated into delivery video equipment, we recorded eye fixation locations, duration of gaze, and scanpaths in midwives during deliveries and analyzed how these changed as delivery progressed. The results clearly showed that during perineal protection, midwives spend much time focusing on the region that includes the baby’s head and the posterior border of the vaginal orifice. Furthermore, as delivery progressed, the regions on which the midwives focused and the viewing angles changed significantly. This suggests that gaze-tracking data from deliveries could be incorporated into midwife assessment by cross-checking the results with the content of interviews with midwives. The accumulated gaze-tracking data and more detailed analysis can be used to evaluate the skills of experienced midwives. In addition, the data can be utilized in midwife training.

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