Journal Article 助産師学生が習得困難と感じる会陰保護技術とその要因分析
An analysis of the perineal protection techniques midwifery students perceive as difficult to learn and the causal factors of such difficulty

若槻,浩子  ,  津森,登志子

"Focusing on perineal protection techniques, which are said to be only about 50% attained by midwifery students at graduation, we aimed to elucidate the specific manual techniques considered difficult to learn and the causal factors of such difficulty. We surveyed 19 midwifery students via semi-structured interviews regarding whether they perceived it difficult to learn specific manual perineal protection techniques and why they felt these techniques were difficult. Data were analyzed using a Krippendorf content analysis. The majority of midwifery students responded that the manual perineal protection techniques for fetal head delivery and anterior shoulder delivery were particularly difficult. The causal factors of this difficulty were divided into four categories: the difficulty of mastering the components of the perineal protection technique, the difficulty of carrying out multiple activities simultaneously, disparity between training and actual practice, and issues in reflective practice. The present study elucidated the causal factors that students perceived to hinder the learning of perineal protection techniques. This provides specific suggestions for improving training and formulating guidelines for instructional use."

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