Journal Article 調理活動プログラムが認知症者の作業遂行技能に与える影響
Effectiveness of a cooking program on occupational performance skills for clients with dementia

西田,征治  ,  宮口,英樹  ,  大下,文香  ,  小林,和博

入院中の認知症者に対して週に1回の頻度で8週間の調理活動プログラムを実施し,その有効性を主に作業遂行技能の側面で検討した。プログラムの特徴は,配席の工夫や視覚的手がかりを与え,失敗しないようにしながら作業遂行を促進する支援をすることだった。プログラムを完遂した介入群11名,対照群9名の9週目の成果では,改定長谷川式簡易知能評価スケール(HDS-R)とAssessment of Motor and Process Skills(AMPS)運動技能の変化量は両群間に有意差は認められなかった。AMPS プロセス技能は,介入群では有意に向上しているのに対して,対照群は有意に低下しており,変化量は両群間に有意差が認められた(効果1.0)。本調理活動プログラムは認知症者の日常生活活動(ADL)のプロセス技能の向上に寄与することが示唆された。
We tried a cooking program for persons with dementia at a hospital, which consisted of once a week sessions for eight weeks and discussed the effectiveness of the program from the view point of occupational performance skills. The core characteristic of the program was to facilitate their occupational performance by considering their seating allocation, giving visual cues and helping them so as not to fail as much as possible. Eleven participants in the intervention group and nine participants in the control group participated until the last session. At nine weeks, there was no significant difference in amount of change on HDS-R scores and AMPS motor skills scores. AMPS process skills scores significantly increased in the intervention group whereas they significantly decreased in the control group, and the changing amounts of AMPS process skills score were significantly different between both groups at nine weeks (effect size 1.0). It was indicated that this cooking program positively contributed to enhancement of ADL process skills in participants with dementia.

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