Departmental Bulletin Paper 十方舎一丸『異国語』-翻印と解題ー
“Ikoku-Gatari”by Jipposha Ichimaru ―Republication and Bibliographical Introduction ―

高松,亮太  ,  古典講読の会,

 This paper is a republication and bibliographical introduction of“Ikoku-Gatari”as achievement of Classic Reading Society which carry out voluntarily every other Thursday.“Ikoku-Gatari”is a “Hanashi-bon”which was published by Jipposha Ichimaru who allegedly originated from Hiroshima region, in the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate. This book is an imaginary travel literature, consisting of three comic stories, and was influenced by previous works as typified by “Wasobei”. I expect this republication to contribute to research into Jipposha Ichimaru.

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