Conference Paper [招待講演]ユーザ参加型主観的情報分析結果に基づく観光資源リコメンデーションアプリと地域活性の提案 : えたじま市における事例

市村,匠  ,  鎌田,真

LOIS2016 ( 16 )  , pp.23 - 28 , 2016 , 電子情報通信学会
A smartphone based tourist participatory sensing system has been developed. The system can collect tourist subjective data which includes jpeg files with GPS, geographic location name, the evaluation, and comments written in natural language at sightseeing spots. We classify them by the interactive GHSOM and the knowledge is extracted by using the classification results and C4.5. Moreover, the agents in the smartphone application recommends the sightseeing spot and local hospitality corresponding to the user’s feelings. In this paper, we reported the experimental results at Etajima City in Hiroshima.
開催日:平成28年7月15日 会場:広島RCC文化センター

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