Conference Paper 科研費分類構造の類似度評価に基づいた研究助成金マッチング支援Webシステムの開発

渡辺,孝信  ,  鎌田,真  ,  市村,匠

Recently, a budget of grant-in-aid for scientific research and a subsidy for management expenses for research institutions from national government have been decreasing. In such a situation, acquisition of a grant from foundations and corporations becomes important as aspect of promoting research and management of research institution. To provide grant information to researchers at most research institutions, many staffs make an effort to find effective classification of the information. However, the complete task requires more difficulties due to shortage of expert knowledge in each research field. In addition, the recommendation of the suitable grant to researchers is difficult because many combinations of grant’s research field and researchers’research ones are too large to find best matching manually. In our preliminary research, we proposed grants-in-aid system by evaluating similarity of JSPS categorized structure. We have operated it since this April and could achieve limited success. In this paper, we report the method of simple operation and some recommendation results.
開催日:平成28年7月16日 会場:広島大学

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