Departmental Bulletin Paper 台湾の日本語作家・呉濁流と黄霊芝の比較考察
A Comparative Analysis on the Methods of Two Taiwanese Novelists Using Japanese Language, Go Dakuryu and Kou Reishi


11pp.179(1) - 188(9) , 20160301 , 県立広島大学
The purpose of this paper is to compare the methods of the novels in Japanese by Go Dakuryu and Kou Reishi. The novels by Go adopt the third person and record the Taiwanese history from a macroscopic point of view. And they describe the human beings trifled in the history, in relation to other people. Their contents are moral and enlightening. His novels focus on the criticism of Taiwanese society and on the presentation of its problems. The representations of human beings, therefore, seem to be conventional, especially as seen in those of women. On the other hand, the novels by Kou adopt the first person narrative and describe in detail the psychology of people living in postwar Taiwan. Most of their main characters are petits bourgeois and invite the laughter of readers by talking frankly about tragicomical aspects of their lives. The range of the world described in his novels may not be large, but they show vividly the joys and sorrows of everyday life of people living in the absurd world.

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