Departmental Bulletin Paper Syntactic Process and Autonomy


11pp.143 - 148 , 20160301 , 県立広島大学
It is recently accepted as a more appropriate presumption that human linguistic competence is a part of human intellectual and cognitive ability. Even though human thinking and conceptualization without linguistic processes could be possible, human linguistic process in the human brain has its own role and functions. Concerning this issue, some linguistic phenomena discussed are as bellows: encoding and decoding procedures related to idioms, linguistic processing of modality, word-formation process, disharmony between diachronic development and cognitive rationality. Through several linguistic phenomena it was suggested how syntactic process can be autonomous from the government of cognitive procedure. In fact it would be more complex one. Many regions and centers in human brain are estimated as mutual-dependent systems having multi-layer structure. While the system(module) of syntactic process cooperates with cognitive capacity, it has also closer fundamental connections with lexicon and emotional region, because syntactic process has developed for the purpose of communication itself. For that reason syntactic process at times reveals disharmony against cognitive procedure, and it could be assumed that the syntactic process has its autonomous region with regard to cognitive activity.

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