Departmental Bulletin Paper 計画型数理管理のための大規模ソフトウェア製作によるシミュレーション
Simulation by Developing Large-Scale Management Software System of Mathematical Planning


8pp.89 - 101 , 20160219 , 県立広島大学
The research topics of this paper are constructed by the followings of simulation. 1). Development of an approximation method using search trees and its large-scale software for solving large-scale constraint satisfaction and assignment problems with priority order 2). Study on constrained load (power) flow of electric power systems, and on the development of its large-scale software 3). Study on display expression of sparse data structure for a large-scale spreadsheet 4). Study on competitive voting and budget distributing algorithm for selecting the 21st century COE programs 5). Study on the necessary and sufficient condition on subtour elimination constraints in the formulation of symmetric traveling salesman problem 6).Study on developing the software using the incremental method by constant time for solving (modified) job shop scheduling problems 7). Study on logistics and facility location for cities in all prefectures of Chugoku and Shikoku regions 8). Study on repeated bids for many articles by combinatorial auction 9). Study on subjective distances in trade area model around the new Hiroshima baseball stadium 10). Study on algorithmic expression of neural network optimization using augmented Lagrangean function 11). Application for a simple patent on structures of systems 12). Security for the internet 13). Study on multiple encryptions and on encrypted redundant letters of a command

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