Departmental Bulletin Paper 障害をもつ中学3年生の海外派遣体験による変化と同行者の連携
Changes brought by international student visiting experience in third-grade junior high schooI students with disabilities and chaperone cooperation.

渋谷, 洋子  ,  藤井, 清美  ,  川上, あずさ

13pp.9 - 16 , 2017-05-29 , 奈良県立医科大学医学部看護学科
The present study aimed to clarify the changes brought by participation in an international student visit program in third-grade junior high school students with disabilities and the views of program chaperones regarding cooperation. An achievement motivation questionnaire, the Baum test, and interviews were conducted on eight third-grade junior high school students with disabilities and seven chaperones. Changes in ego and tendencies toward increased self-fulfillment achievement motivation and decreased competitive achievement motivation were observed in students. With regard to chaperone cooperation, views included the need for unity among chaperones as well as information sharing and respect for the expertise of other professions. The need to be prepared for unexpected situations was also expressed. Student changes were influenced by chaperone perceptions of student independence and confidence, comparison of self to other students, and by formation of relationships with other group members as well as finding stimulation from a new environment. For students, the experience of leaving their parents and spending time in a different culture overseas was of considerable value, generating changes in achievement motivation and ego within a short time. Chaperone cooperation during such trips is based on unity among and respect for the expertise of other professions.

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