Thesis or Dissertation Overexpression of E3 ubiquitin ligase tripartite motif 32 correlates with a poor prognosis in patients with gastric cancer.

Ito, Masahiro  ,  Migita, Kazuhiro  ,  Matsumoto, Sohei  ,  Wakatsuki, Kohei  ,  Tanaka, Tetsuya  ,  Kunishige, Tomohiro  ,  Nakade, Hiroshi  ,  Nakatani, Mitsuhiro  ,  Nakajima, Yoshiyuki

13 ( 5 )  , pp.3131 - 3138 , 2017-05 , Spandidos Publications
Tripartite motif protein (TRIM) 32 belongs to the TRIM family, which is composed of RING finger, B-box and coiled-coil domains. TRIM32 has been reported to function as an enzyme 3 ubiquitin ligase and is overexpressed in numerous types of cancer. The present study evaluated the clinical significance of TRIM32 expression levels in gastric cancer. The current study also investigated the TRIM32 expression levels in 142 patients with gastric cancer using immunohistochemistry and examined its clinical importance and potential as a prognostic marker. Furthermore, the function of TRIM32 was examined in vitro. High TRIM32 expression levels were detected in gastric cancer tissues. The postoperative overall and relapse-free survival rates were significantly reduced in patients with tumors with high levels of TRIM32 expression compared with those with tumors expressing low levels of TRIM32. Tumors expressing high levels of TRIM32 were associated with an increased risk of postoperative recurrence, particularly hematogenous recurrence. Multivariate analysis identified TRIM32 status as an independent prognostic factor. Furthermore, TRIM32 gene silencing induced apoptosis and inhibited the proliferation of gastric cancer cells in vitro. Therefore, TRIM32 expression levels may be of potential prognostic value in gastric cancer.
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