Departmental Bulletin Paper 小児がんの子どもの闘病体験に関するメタ統合
Meta-Synthesis of experiences of children with cancer fighting the disease

小代, 仁美  ,  早川, 友香

11pp.24 - 32 , 2015-03-31 , 奈良県立医科大学医学部看護学科
目的:小児がんの子どもの闘病体験に関する研究論文をメタ統合することで、小児がん発症の初期から治療が終了するまでの子どもの闘病体験での新たな知見を見出し、看護実践への示唆を得る。方法:医学中央雑誌、PubMedで検索し、選定基準に合致した7文献を対象に、Noblit, G.W et a1 (1988)のメタ統合の手法を参考にして分析した。結果:小児がんの子どもの闘病体験は、【突然起こった現状に思いを巡らす】【治療や処置に苦悩する】【自分の将来に思いを巡らす】【入院生活での辛さと楽しみを実感する】【自分を奮起させる】【家族との絆の強さを実感する】【健康な友達に羨望を抱きつつ友情に感請ける】【病棟で出会う人に思いを巡らす】8の体験が抽出された。考察:小児がんの子どもの闘病体験では、治療や処置を乗りこえる子ども自身の「がんばり」と「がんばりの支え」となる他者の支援があることが明らかとなった。子どものがんばりを十分理解した医療者の支えの大切さが示唆された。
Objectives: We examined the experiences of children with cancer fighting the disease from onset totreatment completion through meta-synthesis of research articles. We developed recommendations fornursing practice. Methods: The Japanese medical literature database and PubMed were used to searchthe literature. Seven articles met the selection criteria. The data from these articles were analyzed usingthe meta-synthesis method developed by Noblit, G.W et al (1988). Results: The following eight typesof experiences were extracted from the children's data: "thinking of the sudden occurrence of presentconditions," "feeling the anguish of treatments and procedures," "thinking of my future," "realizingdiscomforts and pleasures specific to hospitalization," "motivating myself," "realizing the strength offamily bonds," "experiencing friendship and envy through healthy friends," and "thinking of someonemet in a hospital." Discussion: In children with experiences of cancer fighting the disease, two itemswere found: the "perseverance" of children who overcome treatments and procedures and "support ofperseverance" through encouragement from other people. Support by medical staff who adequatelyunderstood children's perseverance was important.

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