Departmental Bulletin Paper Nominal Echo-Formations in Northern Pakistan

Noboru, Yoshioka  ,  吉岡, 乾

41 ( 2 )  , pp.109 - 125 , 2017-03-10 , 国立民族学博物館 , National Museum of Ethnology
In this study, I compare the morphophonological characteristics of theecho-formation processes of five languages spoken in northern Pakistan(Burushaski, Domaaki, Shina, Khowar, and Kalasha). The former three languagesshow identity- or similarity-avoidance in their echo reduplicants,while the latter two languages do not. This notable distinction between thegroups matches their geographical distribution. The widely-used definitionsof echo-formation do not include forms that exactly reduplicate the baseword, but these forms have the same function as standard echo-words. Therefore,I advocate that the definition of echo-formation should be changed toinclude these forms in order to facilitate further study of the phenomenon.

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