Departmental Bulletin Paper Культура народов Сибири и Дальнего Востока в экспозициях Национального музея этнологии
Culture of the peoples of Siberia and Russian Far East in the exhibition of the National Museum of Ethnology

Сасаки, Сиро  ,  Sasaki, Shiro  ,  佐々木, 史郎  ,  ササキ, シロウ

135pp.21 - 39 , 2016-03-08 , 国立民族学博物館
The author gives a general view on the holistic history of the fi eldresearch in Siberia and the Far East by Japanese scientists since theearly 20th century. When the southern part of Sakhalin was annexed toJapan after the Russo-Japanese War, the new opportunity allowedJapanese scientists to conduct fi eld research not only on the islanditself, but also to organize several expeditions to different parts ofSiberia and the Far East. The author describes in detail the role ofJapanese researchers in the collection of objects of material culture ofthe peoples of these regions, as well as the role of the Japanese Societyof Ethnology and its contribution to the formation of the collections ofthe National Museum of Ethnology.

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