Departmental Bulletin Paper Introduction : Japan in Global Circulation : Transnational Migration and Multicultural Politics
序論 : グローバルな循環のなかの日本 : 国際移動と多文化の政治学

グアルネー, ブライ  ,  山下, 晋司  ,  Blai, Guarné  ,  Shinji, Yamashita

40 ( 1 )  , pp.53 - 69 , 2015-06-12 , 国立民族学博物館 , National Museum of Ethnology
The collection of papers in this volume was prepared for a panel sessionat the 109th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetingheld in New Orleans (USA), 2010. The starting point for that conference wasthe notion of “circulation” as a theoretical device for explaining the movementof people, commodities and cultural meanings in a globalized world.The idea of circulation embodies a complex interaction that entails both continuityand dislocation in relation to the traditional notions of “culture” and“identity.” This paradoxical dynamic has resulted in a worldwide scenariowhere connections and disjunctions simultaneously reinforce and underminecultural and national boundaries. Taking Japan as an ethnographic focus,the papers reunited here consider this question through a twofold approach,focusing on transnational migration and multicultural politics. In this sense,this special issue sheds light on the main drivers of these two related topics,raising important questions about the use of cultural resources in transnationalfamilies, identity representation among the children born from internationalmarriages, transnational migration in multi-exploitative circles, andeconomic crisis and migrant workers return in a transnational system of flexibleproduction. In so doing, the authors explore how transnational migrationand multicultural politics interplay, with the ultimate goal of reaching a betterunderstanding of the transnational interactions, migration processes andmulticultural dynamics that inscribe contemporary Japan in a global circulationcontext.

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