Departmental Bulletin Paper 19世紀前半フランス初等学校における道徳・宗教教育
Moral and religious education at French primary schools in the early 19th century

大津, 尚志  ,  Takashi, OTSU

12pp.19 - 29 , 2017-03
During the First Empire of Napoleon I, civic education was replaced by moral and religious education in elementary schools again. At that time, only one textbook (the book of catechism) was made and used all over France. This book was used to instruct on Christianity and the admiration of the emperor. After Restoration, monitorial system was imported, but that was not compatible for religious (catholic) education in France and did not became widespread. After Loi Guizot (1833), the State required every commune to make at least one primary school, and the number of primary school students expanded, and religious education (mainly Catholic) was instructed through many kinds of textbooks.

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