Departmental Bulletin Paper Design of Hanshin Electric Railway Naruo Station with Plank Sheets

猪股, 圭佑  ,  岡﨑, 甚幸  ,  川口, 衞  ,  田川, 浩之  ,  杉浦, 徳利  ,  森本, 順子  ,  山口, 彩  ,  Keisuke, Inomata  ,  Shigeyuki, Okazaki  ,  Mamoru, Kawaguchi  ,  Hiroyuki, Tagawa  ,  Noritoshi, Sugiura  ,  Junko, Morimoto  ,  Aya, Yamaguchi

6pp.23 - 30 , 2017-01-31
This paper reports a Japanese railway station’s design that consists of minimal architectural materials and a structural experiment with plank sheets as an element of shell structure. The station’s space is created by unifying walls and ceilings with plank sheets that do not require any support. Stairs, escalators, elevators, and signs are clearly visible as symbolic components for the passengers.

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