Departmental Bulletin Paper The Use of Architectural Design as Mediator in Intercultural Communication and Understanding: Japanese Example in Cappadocia- Avanos Location Selection

Z. Özlem Parlak, Biçer

6pp.17 - 22 , 2017-01-31
Architectural design courses are among the main courses of architectural education. Especially during the first years, there is a great deal of knowledge that should be provided during these courses and it is difficult for students who have graduated from high school to grasp the concepts. However, it is also possible to make these courses more efficient, enjoyable and intensive with regard to knowledge. In this study, Architectural Design III course that is part of the 2015-2016 fall semester at the Erciyes University Faculty of Architecture has been considered. A topic that will enable communication between two architectures and two cultures has been studied in this studio. The objective was to make a spatial organization that will enable foreign visitors who will accommodate temporarily to live their own cultures in a local architecture and at a different geography while getting to know local cultures. Japanese culture and Cappadocia were the focus points of the study. We hope that this study will set an example for future studies..

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