Departmental Bulletin Paper 40代以上の女性の情報環境と利用実態
Information Environment of Women beyond their 40s and the Actual Conditions of Utilization

岡田, 由紀子  ,  Yukiko, Okada

64pp.7 - 14 , 2017-03-31
Women beyond their 40s belong to the generation which did not have personal computers or the internet when they were born but for which, in recent years, personal computers and mobile phones have become widespread. Therefore, they are a generation that has absolutely, or almost no experience of any kind of information education at school throughout elementary, junior, and senior high school, and the university level.So, why do they buy personal computers or mobile phones and use them? This paper examines the information environment of women focusing on those currently beyond their 40s and the actual conditions of use based on the“ Survey on the Relationship between the Information Environment of Women and Actual Conditions of Use and their Preferences” implemented by the presenter from April to July, 2011.

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