Departmental Bulletin Paper バディシステムを活用したスキー指導が女子学生のスキー技術の向上に及ぼす効果―協同学習の視点からの考察―
The Effects of a Ski Training Program Employing“ Buddy Systems” on the Skiing Techniques of Women’s University Students from the Cooperative Learning’s Viewpoint

松本, 裕史  ,  中西, 匠  ,  Hiroshi, Matsumoto  ,  Takumi, Nakanishi

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a ski training program, grounded in the“ buddy system,” on the skiing techniques of students at a women’s university. A group of twelve students, serving as the intervention group, participated in the ski training program using the buddy system, while another group of twelve students participated in program lacking the buddy system, as a control group. The measurement of skiing techniques( parallel turn, stem turn and wedeln) was conducted during of the ski training program by using SIA( Professional Ski Instructors Association of Japan)’s ski test. All skiing techniques were compared by unpaired Student's t-Tests, using scores from the SIA’s ski test. The results indicated that the scores of the parallel turn and the stem turn differed significantly between the intervention group and the control group. These findings suggested that a ski training program employing the buddy system may lead to enhancement of the skiing techniques of women’s university students.

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