Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学女子水泳選手におけるプリ・パフォーマンス・ルーティンとその効果との関連
Relationship between the Pre-performance Routines and the Effectiveness of these Behaviors in Female College Student-swimmers.

三浦, 彩美  ,  岩村, 遥佳  ,  Ayami, Miura  ,  Haruka, Iwamura

The purpose of the present study was to examine the relationship between the student-swimmers’ conscious behaviors right before the race( pre-performance routines) and the effectiveness of these behaviors. In study 1, ninety female college student-athletes answered question items regarding the effectiveness of pre-performance routines( e.g.,“ I can gain confidence”,“ I can concentrate”,“ I feel I want to perform well”). Based on exploratory factor analysis, 18 items were chosen to construct the Effectiveness of Pre-Performance Routine Scale( EPPRS). In study 2, the behaviors of twenty female college studentswimmers were recorded at swimming championships and each pre-performance routine was specified via behavior analysis. Student-swimmers completed the EPPRS and the checklist of conscious behaviors. The concordance rates between perceived and actual pre-performance routines were calculated. Results indicated that the concordance rate was not correlated with the EPPRS score. We discuss the meaning of preperformance routines for athletes in relation to their years of experience in swimming.

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