Departmental Bulletin Paper 中学生用攻撃性質問紙(AQS)の作成と信頼性,妥当性の検討
Development of the Aggression Questionnaire(AQS) for Junior high school students

玉木, 健弘  ,  Takehiro, Tamaki

The objective of this study was to develop a questionnaire which allows measurement of both expressive and inexpressive aggression in students of middle schools. We surveyed the reliability and relevance of this questionnaire. This survey with 1,683 students from the first grade to the third grade of middle schools was also aimed at clarification of factor structure and internal consistency. In order to ensure the reproducibility, 516 students who previously took this survery were again enrolled in this survey 3 months after the first participation. Results of analysis proved that this survey indeed clarified two factors, expressive and inespressive aggression, and provided sufficient reliability and internal consistency. Next, we asked class teachers to nominate 495 students who have typical characteristics of either type of agression in order to investigate the relevance of this questionnaire. The survey results corresponded with nomination by teachers, which suggested high relevance of this questionnaire. This questionnaire was proved to have high reliability and relevance for measuring expressive and inexpressive aggression.

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