Departmental Bulletin Paper 研究倫理審査システムの開発と評価
Development and evaluation of an online ethical review system

竹中, 一平  ,  松村, 憲一  ,  半羽, 利美佳  ,  玉木, 健弘  ,  長岡, 雅美  ,  Ippei, Takenaka  ,  Ken’ichi, Matsumura  ,  Rimika, Hanba  ,  Takehiro, Tamaki  ,  Masami, Nagaoka

This paper describes the development and evaluation of an online ethical review system to enable smooth application for ethical review of research. This system was designed using three policies.1) This system automated most of the routine office tasks of ethical review such as accepting an application and contacting users.2) This system centralized information relating to ethical review.3) This system limited presented information. For example, student users were not shown the reviewer’s menu or review items not necessary for them. Undergraduates, graduates, and faculty members completed a questionnaire, wherein the user was asked about the user friendliness of this system by means of the Questionnaire for Evaluating Web Usability (Nakagawa, Suda, Zempo, & Matsumoto, 2001). The results showed that this system was almost as user friendly as a general website.

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