Departmental Bulletin Paper 幼児期の協同性の発達における論理的思考力―5 歳児の発達過程に着目して―
Logical Thinking in Development of Cooperativity in Early Childhood:Focusing on The Developmental Process of 5-year-olds

藤谷, 智子  ,  Tomoko, Fujitani

The development of logical thinking ability can be seen with the development of cooperativity (cooperative ability) in early childhood. These abilities develop mutually associated together while children are playing.This paper examines the relation between the development of logical thinking and that of cooperation by analyzing the episode records of 5-year-olds. With appearance of cooperative viewpoints, thinking about rules of play developed into logical thinking, in which children express their own hypotheses and ideas, and see others’viewpoints.This development of logical thinking ability promotes the development of metacognition including reflection, and it also becomes the foundation of learning in elementary school.

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