Departmental Bulletin Paper ヴィシー政権下の「道徳・市民・愛国教育」
“Education morale, civique et patriotique” in Vichy France

大津, 尚志  ,  Takashi, Otsu

During the period of Vichy (1940-1944), the educational system was reformed according to the slogan,“Travail, Famille, Patrie”, and“ Révolution nationale”. In elementary schools“ instruction morale et civique” of the third republic was replaced“ Eduation morale, civique et patriotique”. Originally, the government decided that it could include“ religious education” in public elementary schools, but the Minister of public education, Carcopino, made a new law and forbade religious education in the schools. Many new textbooks were pubished in this period. The contents were similar to those of the first period of the third republic,although Phillipe Pétain attacked the spirit of third republic.

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