Departmental Bulletin Paper 軽度要介護認定者の介護サービス未利用と社会関連性との関連
The Relation between Unusing Long-term Care Insurance Service and Social Interaction in Elderly People with Lower Care Levels

海原, 律子  ,  上野, 昌江  ,  和泉, 京子  ,  Ritsuko, Kaibara  ,  Masae, Ueno  ,  Kyoko, Izumi

1pp.29 - 36 , 2016-03-01
The objective of this study was to understand the state of long-term care service use by individuals certified as requiring lower care and, from the viewpoint of their relationship with society, to clarify why individuals do not use services. A questionnaire using un-named, individually filled-in forms via mailing was administered targeting 2,355 elderly people who maintain an at home lifestyle and receive approved Needing support 1 and 2 and Long-term care 1 and 2. We have received the following results. ① Participants not using had higher IADL scores. Also, the group who need support showed a significantly higher rate in living alone, and the group who need long-term care had a lower average age and showed a significantly higher rate in residency of 10 years or more. ② The group who need support responded, “Having discussion with family members” while the group who need longterm care responded, “no discussion with family members and other people.” Thereby, showing a relation to unused long-term care service. From the above results, we have determined that the group who need support and the group who need long-term care have different backgrounds, revealing the possibility that the groups require separate support measures. Moreover, there is a possibility that those not using but belonging to the group who need long-term care may be isolated from family and neighbors. Hence it may be required to create a mechanism in which we can gain an understanding of their situation and build an individual relationship with them through house-calls, etc.

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