Departmental Bulletin Paper 米政府関与の第一次大戦時緊急住宅供給の意義に関する研究
Significance of emergency housing supply during the WWI intervened by the US Government

大坪, 明  ,  Akira, Ohtsubo

63pp.1 - 12 , 2016-03-31
During the First World War, war industry workers faced a severe housing shortage. Therefore, the US government made an intervening housing provision for the workers through the Emergency Fleet Corporation and the United States Housing Corporation. Many housing estates were built by these organizations, and many of them adapted the“ garden city” layout. This study explains the significance of these housing estates. It is suggested that the garden city layout was adapted to discourage workers’ turnover during the war by improving their total living conditions and their awareness and self-confidence as respectable citizens of the country. In addition, the increased value of these housing estates in accordance with the garden city model was important for the government in recovering the construction cost of these housing estates.

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