Departmental Bulletin Paper C57BL/6J マウスを用いた高脂肪食摂取における難消化デキストリン含有物質投与の影響
The effect of digestion-resistant dextrin in C57BL/6J mice given high fat cholesterol diet

根岸, 裕子

An indigestible dextrin(DX)was studied for its effects on obesity and the liver in male C57BL/6J mice. Five-week-old mice were maintained for 10 weeks on a stock diet, a high fat cholesterol diet(HF), a 5%DXsupplemented HF(DX), or a 5% Japanese leaf- supplemented HF(JL). Increases in body weight, liver weight, and epididymal adipose tissues were noted in mice given HF and JL. Serum total cholesterol, and leptin levels were also increased in mice given HF. DX feeding significantly reduced the accumulation of body weight, and liver weight. Furthermore, increasing of serum triglyceride and leptin levels by high fatcholesterol diet were attenuated in mice given DX. These findings suggest that DX not only improves obesity but also attenuates the associated fatty liver.

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