Others The use of an educational social networking sitefor English language learningbeyond the classroom in a Japanese university setting

奥村, 真司

(11)  , pp.39 - 45 , 2016-03
This study describes an attempt of using an educational social networking platform, which is called Edmodo,for English language learning outside classrooms at tertiary level. Considering the notion of communicative competence, the instructor incorporated Edmodo into his English classes as a project which is a formal assignment. In the project, the students posted their self-introduction in English and replied to other students’ postings on Edmodo and they then wrote feedback on their tasks. The students’ feedback demonstrated that theuse of Edmodo held a number of positive aspects which support the previous studies identified that students can develop their communication networks with other students. In English language learning Edmodo also had an opportunity to enhance the development of the students’ communicative competence. The current Edmodo project enabled the instructor to acknowledge the importance of authentic opportunities to use English withnew technology.


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