Departmental Bulletin Paper 大規模団地の失敗の考察と「計画論」の再考―主にトゥールーズ・ル=ミライユから,そしてベルマミーア等から学ぶ―
A study on the failure of large housing estates, and reconsideration of “Planning theory”Learning mainly from Toulouse le-Mirail and also from Bijlmermeer etc.

大坪, 明

(3)  , pp.2 - 11 , 2015-10-01
Le-Mirail had been built from 1964 to 1972 according tothe modern urbanism to accept population growth ofToulouse with industrialization. But from the 1980s, it wasoccupied by many poor immigrants and became problemestate in which crimes occur frequently. There were socialuniformity of the poor, and specific background of hugearchitectural town structure. To improve this situation,specific and social renovations are being made by “GrandProjet de Ville”. The same had occurred in Bijlmermeer.Huge housing blocks and vast open-spaces or large parkingbuildings were demolished or renovated. It should besuggested that huge architectural town structure is difficultto correspond with changes in circumstances. In my opinionso as to correspond to changes in the particular situation,there will be needs for some flexible architectural andadministrative and also legal systems to convert buildingsand their contents. We should reconsider the planningtheory.

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