Departmental Bulletin Paper 認知症高齢者グループホーム職員の看取り体験の思い
End-of-Life Care Perceptions by Caregivers in Group Homes

久山, かおる  ,  大森, 眞澄  ,  吉岡, 伸一  ,  中平, みわ

This study explored caregiver perceptions related to experiences of end-of-life (EOL) care at group homes (GH) forelderly people with dementia. A self-administered questionnaire was designed to elicit GH staff perceptions by askingwhat they feel about their EOL care experiences at GH. Eighty one participants shared their perspectives. Results wereclassified into seven categories, “Anxiety and tension related to EOL care,” “Regret and condolence,” “Response ofcare provided,” “Respect for deceased people,” “Pride in providing EOL care,” “Creative view of life and death,” and“Familial sense of loss,”. Although staff members who experienced EOL care felt imperfect, they were satisfied withthe care they provided. Moreover, they had positive views in terms of EOL care experiences, which seemed to engendertheir personal growth. The study also revealed a distinctive view of EOL care in GH, where caregivers felt as if they hadlost a family member when they confronted a resident’s death.

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