Departmental Bulletin Paper 小児が転倒・転落した際のインシデントレポートの要否に関する看護師の判断
Falls of Hospitalized Children : Pediatric Nurse's Judgement of Filing an Incident Report

藤田, 優一  ,  藤原, 千惠子  ,  植木, 慎悟

This study aimed to clarify what incidents of falling pediatric nurses deem fit to file incident reports for. Participantswere 145 nurses in 11 general hospitals with pediatric wards. Most of the nurses reported a need to file incidentreports when the children are treated or examined for a fall injury. Respondents stated that there is a greater needto file reports for “falls from cribs” rather than “falls while walking.” The average rate of incident reports filedsignificantly differed between “falls while walking” (60.4%) and “falls from cribs” (82.7%). Respondents noted agreater need to file reports when children fell while they were with nurses rather than their parents. Nurses did notthink that all falls should be reported. They judged the need to file incident reports by the degree of injury, situation offall, or cause of fall.

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