Departmental Bulletin Paper Investigation of Environmental Factors Influencing the Deterioration of Nikka Stone in Koshien Hall

Uno, Tomoko  ,  Noguchi, Kana

5pp.29 - 36 , 2015-09
Environmental factors influencing the deterioration of Nikka Stone used in Koshien Hall were investigated through fieldsurveys of current conditions. The main results obtained were as follows:1. Deterioration of Nikka Stone used in Koshien Hall was classified into three categories: algal contamination, detachment, and saltefflorescence.2. There are several possible causes of detachment, including freezing/thawing cycles caused by high stone-water content and highconcentration of evaporation from the surface of water from the surroundings, salt efflorescence, and so on.3. Small quantities of rainfall and sunshine can contribute to algal growth.

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