Departmental Bulletin Paper Opportunities, Obstacles and Possibilities for Foreigners to Study Traditional Japanese Gardening

Suzuki, Arno

5pp.21 - 27 , 2015-09
There are many Japanese garden enthusiasts outside Japan, and some of them are interested in working in the industryand look for schools to learn the skills. The industry depends on internationalization as well. Japanese gardening, however, isusually taught first handed in apprenticeship rather than by lectures or textbooks because it requires improvised design-buildprocedures. There are reasons why higher education institutions cannot provide practical education in this field. Internationalapplicants therefore cannot find an authentic training opportunity and give up, or some of them are misled by an easier way. Theyalso encounter obstacles when they apply for a work permit because this field is not recognized by the government appropriately.The language may be a barrier for some international applicants. The author suggests that higher education institutions may becomea bridge between those international enthusiasts to an authentic Japanese gardening practice as seen in some successful examples.

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