Departmental Bulletin Paper Changing Uses of the Middle-Class Living Room in Turkey:The Transformation of the Closed-Salon Phenomenon

Nasır, Esra Bici  ,  Öğüt, Şebnem Timur  ,  Gürel, Meltem

5pp.15 - 19 , 2015-09
Structured as a think piece, this study examines the transformation of Turkish middle-class living room practices andtheir material settings from the 1930s to the 2010s in accommodating the changing uses of that space. First, the spatial divisionbetween the public and private aspects of domestic interiors in the culture of the early Turkish Republic is discussed, with a focus onthe change from traditional uses to more Westernized and modern functions and styles; through the review of relevant literature, thedevelopment of the living room as it reflects changes in the domestic culture of the early Turkish Republic is traced. Next, theclosed-salon practice, which excludes daily routines and everyday clutter and requires a high level of cleanliness and order, isdiscussed as the dominant prototype. Finally, the paper analyzes the transformation of this prototype to meet the evolving role of theliving room in the middle-class Turkish home.

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