Departmental Bulletin Paper The New Mode of Housing Production: Gated Communities in İstanbul

Yönet, Neslihan Aydın  ,  Yirmibeşoğlu, Funda

5pp.7 - 14 , 2015-09
The city of Istanbul is undergoing rapid socio-spatial transformation due to globalization and neoliberalpolicies. These policies lead to social segregation by creating unequal income distribution and employmentopportunities. This rapid transformation is changing housing demand and supply. Urban elites flee from the chaosand insecurity of the city and start to move into gated communities (GCs) located in the urban periphery. Thesegated communities are the newest form of housing production in Istanbul. The main reasons for upper incomegroups to choose to live in GCs are prestige and privacy, while the new lifestyle offered by these projects is moreimportant for the middle income groups. Security is a principle reason for every income group’s choice to live inGCs. The local and international housing market continues to produce GCs that advertise security, a new lifestyleand prestige. GCs are determining Istanbul’s peripheral urban development and sprawl pattern. Therefore, the innerdynamics of GCs need to be studied to develop optimum planning policies. This study examines the development ofGCs in Istanbul, the new lifestyle they offer and their effects on planning.

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