Journal Article 「責任の移行モデル」を踏まえた読み聞かせ指導の試み
Attempts to teach new methods of reading aloud to children, based on the model of gradual release of responsibility

峰本, 義明  ,  Minemoto, Yoshiaki

11 ( 1 )  , pp.46 - 57 , 2018-03 , 新潟青陵学会
In Japan, the traditional way of reading books aloud to children has been for teachers to simply read the story as written, without varying their voice quality or using gestures, to students who just listen quietly. New techniques for increasing student understanding and involvement have been developed, including the“ think-aloud,”“ interactive read-aloud” and“ shared-reading” methods, but these alternative methods are still not in general use by day-care, kindergarten and elementary-school teachers. This paper therefore presents the results of preliminary investigations, based on the model of gradual release of responsibility (the gradual transfer of responsibility for the students’ learning from the teacher, to the students themselves), of the author’s introduction of various reading-aloud techniques in classes taught to children, as well as in professional-training sessions for teachers (as part of their teaching-license refresher courses), and having these teachers consider ways these new techniques could be integrated into their lesson plans.Preliminary results based on these teachers’ reactions seem to indicate their increasing openness toward the use of a greater variety of reading-aloud techniques. However, the teachers did not seem to fully grasp the importance of these techniques as instructional methods which accord with the model of a gradual release of responsibility.

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