Journal Article 領域「言葉」と小学校国語科の連続性
Continuity between MEXT’s New Courses of Study for Kindergarten and Elementary Schools: From“ Language” to“ Japanese”

原田, 留美  ,  Harada, Rumi

10 ( 1 )  , pp.20 - 30 , 2017-09 , 新潟青陵学会
In 2017, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) released its new Course of Study for Kindergarten (CSK) and new Course of Study for Elementary Schools (CSES), with revisions principally being having been made in three areas: “knowledge & ability”, “thought & judgment & expressiveness” and“ energy for learning & personal development”. Close inspection of the“ Purpose” in the new CSK’s section on“ Childcare Content (Language)”, and the“ Goal” in the new CSES’s section on Japanese Language Education (JLE), reveals that although the latter has undergone extensive revision, the former has remained unchanged. The purpose of this paper is therefore to evaluate the amount and kind of continuity which can still be said to exist between these two sections (especially as reflected in the wording of these two sections) when one attempts to read them in the light of the overall intent and goals of these 201 7revisions. Our conclusion is that although the content of the “Purpose” in the new CSK’s section on “Childcare Content (Language)” does not particularly follow a conceptual framework describing which kinds of knowledge and abilities should be developed in kindergartners, it nevertheless displays considerable continuity with the“ Goal” given in the new CSES’s section on JLE.
平成29年、新しい幼稚園教育要領と小学校学習指導要領が公示された。今回は、「知識・技能」、「思考力・判断力・ 表現力等」、「学びに向かう力・人間性等」の育成を三つの柱として改訂されている。新幼稚園教育要領の、領域「言葉」のねらいと、新小学校学習指導要領国語科の目標を見ると、後者は大幅に改訂されており、前者は変更されていない。本稿では、新幼稚園教育要領の領域「言葉」のねらいと、今回の改訂の方針を関わらせて読むことを試みた上で、領域「言葉」のねらいおよびそれをふまえた内容と、新小学校学習指導要領国語科の低学年の目標との連続性について、どのように読み取ることが可能か、語彙等の表現から探った。新幼稚園教育要領の領域「言葉」のねらいや内容は、育みたい能力・資質の項目の枠組通りに記述されているわけではないが、国語科の目標と繋がりうるものとして読むことが出来ることが確認出来た。

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