Journal Article 幼児のわらべうたの短期記憶に関する一考察 : 音程と音量における歌唱力の発達
A study of children’s short-term memory of traditional Japanese children’s songs in preschool : Development of singing ability in pitch and volume

渡辺, 優子  ,  Watanabe, Yuko

8 ( 1 )  , pp.35 - 43 , 2015-09 , 新潟青陵学会
This study examined the short-term memory of preschoolers for Warabe-Uta children’s songs –known to reflect particular characteristics of traditional Japanese music – in connection with these children’s development of singing ability. Three-, four- and five-year-old preschool children were taught these traditional Warabe-Uta , and their singing ability at each age was then assessed forcorrect pitch and volume, in both group and individual singing. Confirming previous studies, we found the five-year-olds had developed the highest singing ability, and we were able to see how this singing ability had developed from one year to the next. Special structural characteristics of the Warabe-Uta songs (their syllable nuclei, combined tetrachords, and tone intervals in their miyakobushi scale), as well as their lyrics and accenting of certain syllables, therefore seem to positively influence the development of the children’s singing ability.

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