Journal Article 医療施設での死後の処置の課題 : 葬祭業従事者への調査から
Issues related to postmortem measures at medical facilities : Based on a survey on death care industry workers

小林, 祐子  ,  和田, 由紀子  ,  Kobayashi, Yuko  ,  Wada, Yukiko

8 ( 1 )  , pp.13 - 22 , 2015-09 , 新潟青陵学会
The objective of the present study was to elucidate issues related to postmortem measures at medical facilities based on the condition of corpses after they leave the hospital and the participation of family members in postmortem measures. A questionnaire survey on problems related to corpses, infection prevention conditions, and other factors was conducted on 680 deathcare industry workers, and a total of 232 valid responses were analyzed. The results indicated problems such as openings in the body and leakage of body fluids, and suggested the need for medical facilities to perform postmortem measures according to the condition of corpses. Because death care industry workers who believed that family participation led to grief care tended toverbally encourage families to participate in postmortem measures, and because problems such as bleeding and leakage of body fluids led to difficulties in handling among families, a review of postmortem measures, such as storage at lower temperatures of corpses at their medical facility and suturing of the sites where intravenous tubes had been removed, was considered necessary.Families were also given opportunities to participate in postmortem measures after corpses had been released from the hospital. Given that explanations that consider the possibility of infection for families, as with death care industry workers, are required, and that despite a great need,medical personnel provided little information on corpses such as the possibilities of infection and problems, investigation of approaches for cooperation between nurses and death care industry workers was considered necessary.

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