Departmental Bulletin Paper トポロジー最適化シミュレーション : 剛性最大化構造に対する考察および3Dプリンタによる造形
Numerical Simulation for Topology Optimization : Considerations for stiffness maximum structure and 3D printing of stiffness maximum structure

倉橋, 貴彦  ,  吉原, 健太  ,  丸岡, 宏太郎  ,  井山, 徹郎  ,  Kurahashi, Takahiko  ,  Yoshihara, Kenta  ,  Maruoka, Kotaro  ,  Iyama, Tetsuro

53pp.1 - 6 , 2017-11 , 長岡工業高等専門学校
In this study, numerical simulation for topology optimization and 3D printing for stiffness maximum structure are carried out. The stiffness maximum structure expressed by optimal density distribution is iteratively computed by using the gradient of the Lagrange function with respect to the density. In this computation, the filtering technique for the gradient is introduced, and the update of the density value is carried out based on optimality criteria method. In numerical experiments, considerations for the stiffness maximum structure is also performed.

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